ConnectWare gives more flexible access to your COBOL data and other ISAM data. ConnectWare allows you to use any existing non-relational ISAM data like a true sql data base. The ISAM data are presented like a data base table. The data base table will be accessed via the ConnectWare SQL Engine.

ConnectWare can be installed either as a stand alone product or as a data base server.

ConnectWare opens ISAM data to modern programming environments, programming tools, reporting tools, query tools and office applications.

ConnectWare automatically imports the file description of the ISAM file (DAT/IDX, ISM/KEY and others) from the FD clause of the existing COBOL sources (COB,CPY,CBL and others.). The generated columns can be edited or deleted. The files are now over the ODBC interface open for other tools.

For example:

  • all .NET programming languages like Java, etc.
  • MS Office, Open Office, and others
  • Crystal Reports, WinSQL, DbVisualizer, and others


Stand-alone Products:
The products "ConnectWare for Micro Focus ISAM" and "ConnectWare for mbp ISAM" are running under all Windows platforms and support additionally to the COBOL-ISAM format Pervasive/Btrieve ISAM and Byte Designs D-ISAM.

Server Products:
For the Client/Server Environment the ConnectWare Server component is available. The server component must be installed on the server - additionally to the stand-alone product. The server component handles the access from Windows client to the ISAM files located on the server. The server products "ConnectWare Server Windows" and "ConnectWare Server UNIX/Linux" are available.

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