Big data tool: Execute sql queries over multiple databases – from all tools and languages.

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Get the most flexible access to your COBOL ISAM – use sql for your ISAM!

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COBOL developer – use now sql data bases without changes in the code!

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Download a free evaluation copy - with full functionality here!

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PARKWAY Software

Our innovative software products help you to modernize data and applications. It is possible to keep your proven systems and connect it to new technologies.

NEW: AcrossDB gives you most possible access to your valuable data - no matter where they are stored. Its unique technology allows any query and reporting software to combine data from multiple database vendors.

  • Query and Reporting Tools like MS Office®, Lotus Notes®, SQuirreL SQL and more
  • Programming languages like .NET, C#/C++, Java and more

Read more details here: AcrossDB.

We are specialized in modernizing COBOL applications and data of the following vendors:

  • Micro Focus™
  • mbp™
  • CA-Realia™
  • Informix™ C-ISAM
  • Byte Designs™ D-ISAM
  • Pervasive/Btrieve™
  • Microsoft SQL Server™
  • Oracle™
  • and other ODBC-enabled data bases

If you have the need to modernize other data or applications for a different compiler - please contact us!
We will be happy to customize our products to meet your needs.

What clients say about our products:

The PARKWAY products are the best support for our developer to the ideal transition from functional driven to data driven development.
(Peter Scheurer, SOPRA GmbH, Germany Technical CEO)

We used COBOL-DBA to migrate to a  sql database in a short time with minimal costs
(Felix Eberle, Baucad AG, Swiss CEO)